A Challenging Prayer

GOD’S CREATION – We your people cry out each morning for help.

UNCHANGEABLE FATHER – Still, you love us,  each traveling from continent to country, culture to language, from city, town or outback to anywhere in between.

ALMIGHTY SAVIOR – We are splintered by opposing values, contradictions, some weak in faith, gasping for air – temporal sustenance – as family, society, government and country are under assault.

MERCIFUL ONE – We have forgotten to gaze upon the Holy Cross which can refresh us from pain.

BISHOP OF OUR SOULS – We are struggling with identity crisis; we have forgotten we  are made in God’s image.

HOLY SPIRIT OF PROMISE – We reject your powers to sanctify us, to live holy lives.

MIGHTY IN BATTLE – We’ve become frail.  Come save us.  Forgive our transgressions. Fill our hearts with grace, compassion and forgiveness.  There is still time to change.  One by one, we can blare the trumpet call to dispense charity, smile, hug, be prayerful.

KING OF GLORY – Do not give up on us.  Peoples of the world, let us recommit our existence to goodness and justice.  End malice, drop our weapons.

  The world is screaming for peace.  Amen.