I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

Hymn by Thomas Troeger

“A spendthrift lover is the Lord

Who never counts the cost

Or asks if heaven can afford

To woo a world that’s lost.

Our lover tosses coins of gold

Across the midnight skies

And stokes the sun against the cold

To warm us when we rise.


Still more is spent in blood and tears

To win the human heart,

To overcome the violent fears

That drive the world apart.


How shall we love this heart-strong God

Who gives us everything,

Whose ways to us are strange and odd,

What can we give or bring?

Acceptance of the matchless gift

Is gift enough to give.

The very act will shake and shift

The way we love and live.”

by Thomas Troeger

…an awesome challenge ahead of us…


Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

with Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross

Let Us Pray

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, glorious Queen of Angels

Channel of God’s tenderest mercy to man

Refuge and advocate of sinners

I prostrate myself before you, beseeching you to obtain for me

(pause to mention request silently)

In return I solemnly promise to have recourse to you in all my trials, sufferings and temptations

And I shall do all in my power to induce others to love and reverence you and to invoke you all their needs

I thank you for the numberless blessings which I have received from your mercy and powerful intercession

Continue to be my shield in danger, my guide in life, and my consolation at the hour of death, Amen.


O Mary of Mount Carmel

You have never failed me

your humbled Carmelite daughter gratefully loves you