Her saga continues…Short Story

November 19, 2018

The brisk wind whispers – Now, now Zaza, it’s time to immerse yourself in a deeper patience.  The heavy cast removed and replaced with another draws a longing to get on with life.  The holidays beckon festivities but she can’t even drive, go shopping, bake and wrap gifts…but she can still write from the heart – Yea!

Okay, wise grasshopper, I hear you.  Must let go of past traditions and see what this season sprinkles.  This is really living the perfection of imperfections, being lovingly cared for in ‘everything.’  Surrendering to grace sends arrows of joy in her soul;  her life flashes vivid memories.  So marvelous has her life been thus far.  Today is her son’s birthday.  He’s her handsome, talented man of grit.  What more does she need?  Nothing.

So what will be her next sequel???


“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.”

Exodus 15:2


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Being in The Ruby Cage

 Short Story

November 12, 2018

Come Friday, Zaza’s arm will be lighter – without the binding cast –  a new x-ray will determine the type of cast for the following four weeks.  A slight sense of normalcy returns to her heart confined twirling as in a bird cage.  The excruciating pain has lessened and she can touch her nose with her right thumb. Managing life with the left hand is progress!  Without her Beloved’s assistance, she would be wild with depression.  Their relationship has reached a new plateau of ‘depending and belonging.’  Together they realize each other with their love for the other.  Just 22 months ago, he had broken his left wrist caused by a similar accident.  She helped him get through 2 surgeries, loss of work and painful rehab, now coming full circle.  There’s nothing they can’t overcome. This realization is the silver lining coming from the cloud of her accident…Time to dream big!

Wondering what the next sequel will unfold?


‘”We are never completely ourselves unless we belong to a people.  That is why no one is saved alone, as an isolated individual.  To be myself I need someone else.  Alone, we cannot be ourselves.”

QUOTE by Pope Francis


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Adapting to the Challenge

A Short Story

November 5, 2018

Three weeks into a cumbersome arm cast, Zaza has two more weeks to have the cast removed.  Unlike the flowing curtain above, she rejects the notion that her predicament is all twisted, although each morning her cast wrap dangles from restless sleep.  Her mind constantly orchestrates what she should do – but can’t.  She has a hard time reading anything.  Silence draws her to meditation, her prayers anchored in the mind then peace overwhelms  her body.  Adapting to this provisional life is her healing.  She claims ‘adapting to the challenge’ is her new mantra – at least for now – The holidays are coming and that excites her.

Come see about the sequel on next Monday.


“If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire.”

QUOTE by Saint Catherine of Siena


Continuing the short story from Searching to

Switching Gears

October 29, 2018 – Being ‘discombobulated’ describes how Zaza has felt these past two weeks.  The pain hasn’t let up on her right side while the left screams ‘I’m normal, where is my helpmate?’  Switching gears is the lesson here to overcome this handicap.  Thank God! her beloved pitches in everything she cannot do.  Then comes those awkward entanglements of  doing the ‘basics’ spurring a deluge of deep giggles from the pit of her stomach.  That, comfort food and listening to great music brings them ever closer.  What a lordly gift to celebrate 33 years together and cocoon at their favorite lake cottage…switching gears…

Given the journey so far, she looks to the coming weeks with expectant jolly surprises…there is more to life than pain…Happy Birthday, mon Amour!

Come view the next sequel on Monday.



“How precious to me are your designs, O God;

how vast the sum of them!

Were I to count, they would outnumber the sands;

to finish, I would need eternity.”


A Short Story

Searching Through The Pain

They say “three strikes and you’re out.” Although the impact was severe, Jeanne braced for it with nowhere to move out of the truck’s path.  She turned her head away from the monster and when it was over, she thanked God she was alive still.  This would be the third accident in her life…the universe unshaken, the shattered glass cascading down her long curls, with a stranger asking her ‘are you okay?’  The woman nodded ever  though her right arm began to swell, rushed to the hospital and now in a long cast for 4 weeks…ugh!

The quivering pain wakes Jeanne before sunrise most mornings now.  She sits in the darkness, she knows this is when she can encounter her Creator.  Her mind addresses him silently with a grateful offering of being alive.  She offers her pain for those who suffer more than her, her sleepy eyes are warm with holy tears of God’s love, this is ‘sacred rhythm,’ pure gift so  undeserved, she tells herself, enduring the pain until it diminishes.

Jeanne perceives the first rays of sunlight through the oak trees in her front yard.  The dark branches change into liquid gold, she forgets the dull aching in her bones and JOY settles in as a treasure for the new day…

to be continued…

QUOTE by Dicemaned

“It’s when the heart breaks that the pen has the most effect.”


A Lovely Door in Cortona, Umbria, Italy

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Short Story

Between Friends

It happened recently that a friend became sad in acknowledging a sense of detachment between us.  I shared with her ‘that sadness is part of detachment for those whom we love the most but must somehow let go for a time.’

I know this lesson very well; God uses it all for a greater good not yet ready to be revealed.  I urged my friend to dwell on Joy instead.  Nothing is lost between us – rather just more room to grow in the now and mused that when we meet in Heaven one day, we’ll chuckle all about it with Jesus saying, “I told you so!”

See how a beautiful Italian door can exude a story from one’s heart.

QUOTE from Alexander Graham Bell

“When one door closes, another opens.”

Saint Margaret of Cortona, Pray for us!


Rooster Short Story

As soon as I discovered this colorful rooster postcard, it revived one of my mother’s ‘war’ stories.

During the last world war everything was rationed but luckily my grandmother owned a farm in the countryside.  The tenants sent word that some eggs, butter and a chicken could be had.  So Denyse rode her bicycle up the hillside to collect the precious provisions.  On her return home Mother barely made the curfew when a German soldier stopped her – what trepidation her heart must have felt.  Then explained she felt she had no choice but to ‘turn on the charm’ so he would let her go – he did – without even noticing the satchel behind her –  thank God! Or I wouldn’t be writing this story.  Denyse pedaled so fast to the finish line while noticing my grandmother waiting for her with the gate wide open.

Mother said the worst part of this story was having to ring the chicken’s head; she couldn’t do it and Mame Jeanne had no choice – they both were very hungry but most of all very grateful.