The Bench by Edouard Manet 1832-1883

Short Story

This idyllic garden scene reminds me of my grandmother’s little courtyard before entering what I thought was a mansion.

Placing twine and pruning shears in her checkered apron pockets and me carrying the basket ready to be filled, we followed the fragrances of the garden.  All the herbs of Provence were there, plus gorgeous roses, of which I would secretly snip one and quickly carry off to place in a bud vase on her nightstand.  I continued this tradition by plucking Hibiscuses from my mother’s flower patch.  Now the roses I grow remain uncut as they stretch to the sky for them.

I’m so glad you sat with me on this mystical bench.  Hopefully you come away refreshed and happy.


Apaquogue by Adolf Gottlieb 1903-1974


“Paint quality is meaningless if it does not express quality of feeling.”

Words from American born Gottlieb, abstract Expressionist.  This oil  on canvas is his landscape view of the road he lived on by the ocean at East Hampton, Long Island.  He also believed:

“The role of artist has always been that of image-maker…different times require different images…in a desperate attempt to escape from evil…to my mind, certain so-called abstraction is not abstraction at all, on the contrary, it is the realism of our time.”

His quotes explain his art.





What may seem abstract to you may be total clarity to me and, thanks be to God, we each have that freedom of choice.  Abstract art has the phenomenal surprise to stretch one’s imagination…


Continuing in the History of Wall Decoration


Modernity in all aspects of life has exploded in extravagance, yet there seems to be a pattern of dipping back into history for ideas to reformulate in today’s technological advances to create a 21st century Art decor.  I trust some of these eye-opening choices will delight your fancy.


This is a Hipster Wallpaper


Wisteria Garden @


Indian Magenta Cotton Mandala Tapestry


And ‘La Piece de Resistance’

Nowoczesne Mural by


This concludes a quick purview into the history of wallpaper and tapestry – An intriguing  kaleidoscopic endeavor.

Hope you enjoyed the journey.



Continuing in the History of Wall Decoration

The Victorian Age

From 1837 to 1901, the Victorian Age in America and Europe reflected an unprecedented revolution in agrarian societies causing the Arts to produce a myriad of styles and movements, especially promoted by the Bradbury & Bradbury Company, makers of wallpaper and decor resembling this Victorian setting:

victorian setting

These were very popular nature motifs in wallpaper and tapestry

love the owl by Wm Morris  Love That Owl by William Morris


strawberry thief fabric  Strawberry Thief Fabric Wallpaper

Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) became the forerunner of Art Nouveau by incorporating gracious ladies in nature scenes onto woodwork, illustrations and paintings that were then transferred to wallpaper designs such as this one:


She’s the “Redhead Among Flowers”

This Art Nouveau traversed rapidly from France to Norway, during which time Tiffany lamps were the craze, but the movement died quickly after post wars into the Modern phase.


To be continued on tomorrow…



A Special French Wallpaper

Short Story

Each time I visited with my Maman Denyse over the past 30 years, she would surprise me with a gift from my ancestry because she knew I love my French heritage.  On this momentous occasion, she unraveled from the armoire this patch of wallpaper which I immediately recognized had hung on the walls of my grandmother’s parlor.  You can still notice the shadows of the kerosene lamps that had stained the wall behind the chimney mantelpiece.  “You keep it, I know you will preserve it,” Mother said realizing she was passing along a memory of her mother’s house.  I replied ‘I will frame and hang it in the dining room – there it is to this day.

If you look closely at the design, you will notice various aspects of French country living.  See the lady pressing grapes in the barrel, well, I’ve done that too while spending summers with my grandmother.  My cousin Cri-Cri and I came out of the barrel wildly purpled and satiated by the grapes!

I thank God for being sentimental with an enriching upbringing, which has become a blessing – a treasure trove for writing…and recalling this happy story!

Thanks for listening…


World Map Ancient Wallpaper

Continuing in the History of Wall Decoration

During the Middle Ages (500-1066), the Anglo-Saxons took the lead after the fall of the Roman Empire, exemplified in this Bayeux tapestry:

Edward the Confessor

Edward The Confessor, Anglo-Saxon king of England, 1070s.From the 14th to the 16th centuries, Western tapestry and wallpaper flourished throughout Europe, mainly in Germany, France, Belgium and England.  I remember seeing this representation in many European castles.

Amazingly, Medieval women in battle are found in this era’s tapestries – like my favorite Saint Joan of Arc.

Scene from the Romance of Lancelot of the Lake. Artist: Gautier  and this one showing a touch of English humor


Transitioning  into the Renaissance Period with this Tempera on Panel located in the Louvre Museum in Paris:


Saint Francis Preaching to the Birds by Giotto di Bondone

To be continued on tomorrow…





Continuing in the History of Wall Decoration

Traveling away from Asia to Egypt and the Middle East, this bird hunting scene was brightly painted as a mural to depict Egyptian royal life.

Below is a mural showing the Exodus from Egypt and the Crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites.


While during the same period, I find this Turkish wallpaper very attractive:

Sultan Ali Adil Shah ii Slays a Tiger

66.-sultan-ali-adil-shah-ii-slays-a-tiger-300_custom-d910a1538de3b97b14040812c245e5d91dafca7d-s900-c85  It hangs at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City

While in the mid 1530s, the Medieval history of the Struggle of Empires in Northern India was being fought:


To be continued on tomorrow…