Who Are Our Friends?

A quick, easy response might be, our relatives, co-workers, neighbors and benefactors.  Whatever the answer, the sense of belonging is founded on the principle of friendship.

Authentic friendship is a gift from God, which paves a path for the exchange of communication between two persons or more, based on benevolence and mutual support, like spouses in holy marriage.  On the other hand, worldly friendship oftentimes seems fleeting as exchanged on social media.

We can all yearn for good friendships by praying to Saint Francis de Sales given what he declared:

“Friendships begun in this world will be taken again (in heaven) never to be broken off.”

Thanks be to God!


May all your friendships be forever endearing







HYMN “I Have Loved You”

by Michael Joncas, 1951 and inspired by

Jeremiah 31:3 and Psalm 24:3

“I have loved you with an everlasting love

I have called you and you are mine,

Seek the face of the Lord and long for Him

He will bring you his care and his love.”


An Ancient Prayer for the 21st Century

People today seem to hunger for healing and love without knowing where to go for it.

The Prayer of Jabez may just be the antidote for deliverance.

For three years, Jesus roamed throughout the desert guiding and rescuing the Israelites from all their sufferings with abundant miracles and acts of mercy, yet he persevered to his crucifixion, death and resurrection.

Jesus on his final journey to Jerusalem said, “Even if you do not believe me, believe the works.”

Offering a prayer like the Prayer of Jabez, and asking for courage and strength to stand on holy ground when confronted with darkness, does work, because God will do the rest, it’s that simple.



Sharing Vera’s thoughts from “grateful scribe’ post

“So lovely the flowers.  You know I am the blue and white pottery.  The picture is us, you are the yellow reaching out expanding love, I am the blue staying still (like a Carmelite) but supporting this love.

Differences are okay and within God’s creative plan.”

…so wisely said…for all to benefit where ever we are planted…

Wishing You a Happy Saturday!


Vintage French Enamel Stove

Remembering my Grandmother Mame’ Jeanne

August 18, 1888 – July 9, 1973

Mame’ Jeanne was the only grandparent I knew.  She welcomed me into the world with great kindness and love, teaching me everything I now cherish, most especially Faith.

A strong yet humble woman with persevering faith, Jeanne Davin became widowed early in life losing her husband, son and raising three daughters while operating the family butcher shop.  Then came the German occupation, life became dangerous – Thank God, my family survived.

The stove above resembles the one that kept us warm in winter.  Her favorite room was the kitchen where she would concoct superb French meals, teaching me how to cook and showing me how to iron perfectly on the butcher block table…so thankful she infused the love of being woman.  Besides that and more, she was an impeccable seamstress and cut her own patterns for customers and loved to surprise me in donning the prettiest original dresses growing up.

As if yesterday, these magical moments spent together still resound fresh in my heart…especially when she took me to Lourdes and when we saw on TV man walking on the moon.

iron gate

This is the iron gate through which I last saw my Mame’ Jeanne so many years ago.  Through the gate she placed in my hand her lifelong amethyst rosary from Lourdes.  Today, holding it, praying with it, reaffirms all these affectionate memories of my dear French grandmother.

PS: I once had a beautiful dream with her.  My mother had just passed away and I was yearning for my family.  I was searching for them holding on a long scroll, when my grandmother appeared and said to me:  “write now, when you finish writing all your stories, I will be there waiting for you.”