A Cardinal Beauty Reflection

A nudge from my Lema girl (dog) roused me out of bed as I traipsed up the staircase to let her out, the chilly wind did the rest to open my sleepy eyes.  Thinking to myself – French press coffee – that’s what I need – as I waited for the kettle to whistle bubbles and greeted the world through the kitchen window.  Lo and behold, I spotted a vibrant speck of ‘red’ on a bare branch in my backyard.

What is that???  Grasping my glasses, my eyes were ‘wowed’ by a magnificent cardinal as if he was waiting for me, starring a long moment, our connection irresistible.  I offered prayerful thoughts in his direction, then he flew away.  With filled mugs in hand, I recounted this moment of ‘Joy’ with my beloved.

O what a beautiful morning…

May you be graced every morning with an encounter for ‘Joy.’

Thank you for visiting your scribe for love, truth and peace


Posted in JOY

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