Concluding Angel Short Stories

I beckon Alexandria’s guidance for almost everything in my life…especially in one instance she did not fail me…

April 10, 2010…Driving home from work, placing the rosary in my pocket, impacted by a dreadful screeching sound, I saw my car rising into air simultaneously hearing a sweet voice saying, “Patricia, let’s just do this together.”  I echoed a mental “yes” as the car spun once, twice, but at third spin I could no longer hold the steering wheel…forging into this space, the car traveled on the roof’s edge, metal scraping down the highway for what seemed to be eternal, gravity finally flipped the car onto the pavement, wheels still spinning, I found myself hanging upside down in this pure grace of silence…musing…I am still alive!  Alexandria, you did this for me?

The young man pulling me out of the wreck had run a stop sign, repeating, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me..I nodded yes.  The next voice, a paramedic, said, “young lady, you are very lucky today.”  Smiling back at him, “no luck, sir, it was my guardian angel Alexandria who saved me…she always places God before my eyes and reach!

Thank You, God!  Angels do protect us from harm and evil.

your scribe for love

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