Once upon a time, there was a debonair soldier who met an elusive young woman sitting in the back seat of the car he was hitchhiking into the city.  The war was victoriously won and everyone was celebrating.  At first glance, the silent charming lady mesmerized him, and arriving at his destination, he tipped his hat to her as the car sped away.  She so intrigued him, he mused, who was she, that made his head spin?  Days passed, he could not get her out of his head — he remembered the car’s license plate — he was going to find her.   He ventured, found her, wooed her and married her.  Off they went to America and back to her homeland, where their first child was born, a chubby girl full of daddy’s curly hair.  Together they traveled all of Europe making marvelous memories…

Moving forward, while reading my emails recently, next to them was a bright ad for art.  Like the soldier mentioned above, I became fascinated with this “Girl Talk” by Israeli artist, Patricia Govezensky…hum…I mused happily…having the same name, I sensed a deeper connection…

The vibrant colors of these 3 voluptuous women sitting in an outdoor cafe reminded me of the myriad cafes my parents and I encountered throughout Europe in my younger days.  As I continued gazing at this vivacious scene, a piercing revelation entered my mind, in that I saw my spectacular mother as the one in the middle wearing the Fedora and I was the one dressed in yellow.  You see, my mother desired I become this idyllic woman, fanciful, carrying on as a social butterfly and hoping I would marry well.  One might say, that her beauty and excellence always surpassed my shyness.  Deep down I knew I had disappointed her in many ways, but before she died, she told me I had married well…like she had.

Won’t you please follow me as I intend to complete this “once upon a time” tale about my beloved parents…for there is so much more to tell…

your scribe for love

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